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Any questions, inquiries or claims under the Limited Warranty should be directed to:

Ferrari Textiles Corporation

1500 SW 5th Court, Suite A

Pompano Beach, FL 33069



Static and Fixed Frame Permanent Awning and Copy Fabrics

8-year Limited Warranty
Subject to all the terms and conditions contained herein and with specific reference to the percentage of Ferrari Liability chart contained herein, Ferrari Textiles Corporation, through Tissage et Enduction Serge FERRARI S.A. ("Ferrari") hereby provides an eight (8) year limited warranty for the Ferrari architectural fabrics in Static and Fixed Frame Permanent Awnings and Canopy only; PRECONTRAINT® 502 and PRECONTRAINT® 542.

Compliance With Specifications
Ferrari warrants that the products shall at the time of delivery at Ferrari's plant of manufacture, meet all the technical specifications stated in the published Ferrari data sheet.

Tensile Strength
Ferrari warrants that the products shall retain at least 70% of their tensile strength for a period of eight (8) years following delivery of the Products from FERRARI TEXTILES CORPORATION or their authorized distributor and providing that the membrane has been designed and installed with an initial safety coefficient of minimum four (4). The proof of maintenance will need to be recorded and made available upon request at any time. 

Tensile strength measurements will be performed in plain fabric panels, which exclude areas where the membranes could have been cut or damaged during installation phases or areas where the fabric has not been under permanent tension (wind flipping).

Flame Retardency and Waterproofing
Ferrari warrants that the products shall remain flame retardant and waterproof for a period of eight (8) years following the deliver of the Products from FERRARI TEXTILES CORPORATION and/or TriVantage.

Color Light Fastness
While all color pigments do fade eventually, Ferrari warrants that when fabricated, installed and maintained according to instructions and when placed in normal atmospheric conditions, it will not fade excessively or undergo excessive color degradation to the extent that the awning becomes ineffective for its intended purpose when viewed at a normal distance

Each of the above-described warranties is herein described collectively as the "Limited Warranty."

Ferrari's Obligations Under Limited Warranty
Ferrari agrees to provide, to the extent and for the time period stated in the chart below, a percentage of the cost to repair or replace at Ferrari's sole option, the product which may prove defective or otherwise fail to perform as stated above under normal use, maintenance and service, as determined by Ferrari during the warranty period (a "Defect" or "Defective Product"), not to exceed the original sales price to the original purchaser of the Product. The customer must pay the remaining portion of any such costs of repair or replacement of a Defective Product:

Percentage of Ferrari Liability
Defect Occuring In:            Percentage of Cost Assumed by Ferrari
1st Year                              100%
2nd Year                             80%
3rd Year                              64%
4th Year                              51%
5th Year                              41%
6th Year                              33%
7th Year                              26%
8th Year                              20%

Warranty Exclusions
This Limited Warranty does not apply to any product or any part thereof that, in the sole judgment of Ferrari, (i) has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration or accident, such as accidental damage to the exterior finish, or which has been subject to excess wear and tear, friction, scratches or perforations which exceed normal use; (ii) has been exposed to harmful chemicals, abused by machinery, equipment or any person, exposed to excessive pressures or sources, exposed to abnormal weather conditions, falling objects, explosions, fire, floods, riots, civil commotion, exterior forces, faulty or inadequate installation, act of war, radiation, harmful fumes or foreign substances in the atmosphere; (iii) has been damaged during handling by the customer or other user or consumer of the Products, or which has been subjected to atmosphere pollution, aggressive detergents, and aggressive cleaning; or (iv) has been sued in architectural structures not in accordance with accepted engineering standards or repaired or altered by anyone other than Ferrari in any was so as, in Ferrari's sole judgment, to affect the quality, efficiency or effectiveness of the Products. Any claim made by a user of the Products under this Limited Warranty shall be made in writing by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to Ferrari at the address listed below no later than (30) days following the discovery of any Defect shall render this Limited Warranty null, void and of no legal effect with respect to that particular Defect. After notification of an alleged Defect, Ferrari shall be entitled to inspect the Product  in order to take appropriate steps for timely corrective measures. In the event Ferrari representatives are denied the right to inspect the alleged Defect, this Limited Warranty shall be null, void and of no legal effect with respect to such Defect. 

This Limited Warranty is the exclusive warranty with respect to the products and is in lieu of and supersedes all other representations or warranties, whether written or oral, express or implied. Ferrari expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. The sole and exclusive remedies of any person relating to the products, and the full liability of Ferrari for any breach of this warranty, are those provided in this limited warranty. Other than as provided in this limited warranty, any user of the products hereby agrees and acknowledges that no other warranties are offered or provided in connection with or for the products or any part thereof.

Effectiveness Of Warranty
This Limited  Warranty shall become effective upon the customer purchasing, receiving and paying for a warranted product. Should a warranty issue or claim be filed, the customer is under the obligation to provide the actual production batch number of the product appearing on the rolls and on the packing list to enable tracking of the material.

Limitation of Liabiity
Ferrari shall not be liable for any loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment or facility, cost of capital or for any other special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature resulting from or in any manner relating to the Products covered hereby, their design, use, any inability to use the same or any delay in the delivery of the same. THE SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY WITH RESPECT TO ANY DEFECTIVE PRODUCTS SHALL BE THE REPAIR, CORRECTION OR REPLACEMENT THEREOF, PURSUANT TO THE FOREGOING PROVISIONS.

Should the Products prove so defective, however as to preclude the remedying or warranted defects by repair or replacement, the customer's ole and exclusive remedy shall be the refund of the purchase price of the fabric, or part thereof which is defective, upon its return to Ferrari.

The terms and provisions of this Limited Warranty shall be governed by, construed under and enforced in accordance with, the laws of France, without regard to Uniform United Nations Conventions.

Any questions, inquiries or claims under this Limited Warranty shall be directed to:
Ferrari Textiles Corporation, 1500 SW 5th Court, Suite A, Pompano Beach, FL 33069   954-942-3600
Tissage et Enduction Serge FERRARI S.A., B.P. 54, 38352 La Tour du Pin Cedex, France

The Ferrari Group
Precontraint® is a register trademark of The Ferrari Group.


1. Clear vinyl fabric expands and contracts significantly with changing temperatures. Clear vinyl SHOULD NOT be installed or run up/down in ambient air temperatures of less than 60 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. In cold weather climates, clear vinyl screens should be lowered in the fall when ambient air temperature is greater than 60 degree Fahrenheit and left down until spring when ambient air temperatures average 60 degrees Fahrenheit again. This enables the user to regularly clean and treat the screen throughout the colder months without having to run them. Screens left rolled up for extended periods collect moisture and will most likely stick to the roll, causing damage when deployed.
3. Clear vinyl screens MUST BE completely dry BEFORE they are rolled up. It is recommended that you deploy clear vinyl screens at least once a week to allow built-up moisture to dry.
4. Clear vinyl screens SHOULD NOT be deployed downward in winds of 10 mph or higher. Care should be used when rolling screens up in winds of 10 mph or higher.
5. Clear vinyl screens MUST BE treated with a vinyl cleaner and conditioner, like Plexus (available at most hardware stores), on a regular basis, once a month minimum. Doing so will extend the life of the screen by decreasing cloudiness and reducing static build-up. Average lifespan of a clear vinyl screen serviced per this maintenance schedule is 3-5 years.
6. Maximum width of clear vinyl screens is 100 inches. Up to an additional 68 inches (34" on each side) can be added to the width by adding solid vinyl to the sides (maximum total width of 168 inches combines). NO EXCEPTIONS.
7. Maximum height of clear vinyl screens is 216 inches.
8. Zippers are attached to clear vinyl screens with the addition of a solid vinyl strip. NO EXCEPTIONS. For screens 100 inches or less, this strip may be minimal (approx. 1" wide) and will mostly be hidden within the tracks.
9. Customer MUST specify a color and configuration of solid vinyl borders, including specifying "use minimal" for screens less than 100 inches wide (i.e. 12" white vinyl on right and on left sides, no solid vinyl on bottom). A sketch of the desired configuration is requested.
10. If solid vinyl is desired along the bottom of the screen, an additional fee will apply.
11. Clear vinyl comes in rolls 54 inches wide. For openings higher than 54", there WILL BE a visible horizontal seam.  This seam is placed as high as possible, unless otherwise specified.
12. Clear vinyl is NOT supported by a warranty. Customer assumes all responsibility for service issues and/or replacement if needed.